2014-2015 Teams with Openings

Some Vaqueros teams for the 2014-2015 season have openings.  Please contact the coach directly.

Teams with Openings

BU9 Green,      BU9 White,      BU12 White,
BU15 Green,     BU15 White

GU8 Green,    GU11 Green,     GU11 White,
GU12 Green,   GU13 White,    GU15


Contact Information

BU9 Green      Coach Sergio    sergiocastillo760@gmail.com

BU9 White      Coach Steve      steve@eplfan.net

BU12 White     Coach Jantz     jantzhoffman@yahoo.com

BU15 Green     Coach Steve       steve@eplfan.net

BU15 White     Coach Doug     doug.lange@att.net

GU8 Green     Coach Kelli            kellilynntarantino@gmail.com

GU11 Green     Coach Christine     christy179@aol.com

GU11 White     Coach Michael     jmwillrich15@gmail.com

GU12 Green     Coach Jean          jwillrich15@yahoo.com

GU13 White     Coach Jen     jen_schultz13@yahoo.com

GU15  Green   Coach Chris    cgallinetti@yahoo.com   looking for one dynamic player

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